About Me

Hello! I am Shridhar Patil. I am working as a Software Engineer at CSQUARE (Subsidy of Reliance Industries). I work on Android, iOS, Flutter, NodeJS, PHP. I have also released my own mobile app XCRYPTO on Android Play Store, Windows Store & soon releasing it on Apple App Store.

  • DOB: 6 Sep
  • RESIDENCE: Bengaluru
Jun '20 - Present
Software Engineer - C-SQUARE
Jan '19 - Jun '20
Fulltime Freelance Developer
Jan '16 - Jan '19
Software Developer - RSE LegalDocs
MCA - Mumbai University
BCA - Tilak Maharashtra University
HSC Science - Mumbai University
SSC - Mumbai University
Personally Developed & Published

XCRYPTO is a Password Manager developed by me which can be used to store different types of credentials using encryption.

  • Self Developed Algorithm along with AES-256 Algorithm for Encryption
  • xCrypto Web - It is used to connect Android App with Web Extensions using Secure Socket to Auto Fill passwords on websites.
  • 2-Step Verification Code Generator
  • Random Password Generator with customized options
  • Cortana AI Interactions (Windows Application Only)
TECH : Android (Kotlin & Java), iOS(Swift), Windows(C#), PHP, AWS

Open Source Work

XIMGDOWN is a Chrome Extension to download all images on any webpage.

There are two types of filters and find-replace while searching for images on web page.


  • Filter using extensions | .jpg | .jpeg | .png |
  • Filter using domain matching. If you add 'tinypic.com' then it will search image links which has tinypic.com in them.
  • You can use this feature to replace anything in url result.
TECH : Chrome Extension (JS, HTML, CSS)

XFORWARD is a Gmail Add-On to forward emails using rules created by user.

TECH : Gmail Extension (TypeScript)

Freelancer Work History

CAI TRADER is developed for the Traders of Cotton Association of India. They can get live market updates on the app, record the trades in local storage and sync those with server, there are various converters and ability to answer sureys (SurveyMonkeySDK) to help the community.

TECH : iOS(Swift), iPadOS(Swift)

SEVARTH is internally being used by Sevarth Organization. They have a Web Portal to register patients into the system throughout Maharashtra Hospitals. Pain point was some of the hospitals dont have internet or executives have to find a place to get good mobile network to admit new patients. Therefore this app is developed specifically to scan and attach documents along with patient details and keep it in local storage until mobile gets internet connection. Once connected to Wi-Fi or getting mobile network they can sync all the offline registrations with the server.

TECH : Android(Kotlin)

Chhaparia, Agarwal Industry & Hiver ERP - I was hired by Unique Software Systems to add new modules, fix current bugs and revamp the website for good UX.


LegalDocs Work History

LEGALDOCS - I have worked on multiple modules of LegalDocs website including creating landing pages for various services, creating forms based on government portals, add payment modules to each service as well as create Admin Panels for each service for tracking of document progress.

I have developed CRM for managing leads of various services offered by Legaldocs. Leads can be auto collected from Landing Pages of Services or manually added by Executives. Also seemless integration with Admin Panels which used for getting current status of Customer Document Progress.

I have developed a in-house Payment Gateway to help reduce the time for developing Payment Structure along with Add Ons and connect it to real Payment Gateway for the payments.

I have developed a Rider Tracking web app for the LegalDocs Biometric Verification Executives. Rider App is used for assigning new biometric appointments to riders, as well as tracking the status of the appointment, inform customers about the executives on the way once appointment is marked active by rider. It is also used for the tracking of the rider drive and other charges which helped calculating their salaries.

I have also developed chrome extensions to automate day to day tasks of employees such as getting the data from LegalDocs system for document and fill it on Government Portals along with attaching files, WhatsApp Bot Extension for sending promotional messsages to customer as well as the updated status of their documents.

RENT AGREEMENT REGISTRATION is developed for people to create Rent Agreement by filling up the form and view the draft for the same. Book an appointment for Biometrics, pay by various methods and get the registered document at home. This Android app also scan Aadhar Card and fill user details in form automatically.

EDENTITY brings all social networks together and creates master profile for user as well as his/her friendlist. User can share his/her profile with others by various methods such as WiFi Sharing.

TECH : Android(Java), Web(HTML, CSS, JS, PHP), Extension(Chrome, Mozilla)